Paws for Giving Registration

Animal rescue organisation registration form


Thanks for considering being a part of Paws for Giving!

Who is this form for?

This form is for animal rescue organisations who would like to be a part of Paws for Giving in any capacity - whether that means not being able to promote Paws for Giving merchandise right now but being open to being involved in the future, or by wanting to jump right in and actively promote Paws for Giving merchandise today.

What is the point of Paws for Giving?

I am passionate about supporting the hard work that animal rescue organisations do every day. The mission of Paws for Giving is to allow Australian animal rescue organisations to benefit from the sale of high quality fundraising merchandise with no buy-in and no obligations.

Whether you promote Paws for Giving merchandise or not, I will never turn away a request for a sale to be made in the name of a particular organisation.

You can read more about why I started Paws for Giving and how it works on my About page and in the FAQ.

What does my organisation need to do to be a part of Paws for Giving?

  1. Read the terms and conditions.
  2. Complete the form. The information you enter will allow me to tailor your Paws for Giving service to your organisation's needs, such as your preferred level of correspondence.
  3. Once registered, I will contact you within two business days to confirm if I need any further information, and to answer any questions you might have. I will provide promotional materials for your preferred method of promotion, as well as recommendations based on past Paws for Giving campaigns and how to achieve the greatest number of sales in support of your organisation.

    -Nikki W.


    Terms and Conditions

    a) At all stages of Paws for Giving, a Registered Organisation is under no obligation to take any particular action, for example promoting Paws for Giving merchandise on social media. It is up to each Registered Organisation how much if at all that organisation promotes Paws for Giving merchandise or participates in Paws for Giving events.

    b) Where a customer who purchases a Paws for Giving product nominates a particular Registered Organisation using the drop down menu on that product purchase page, Art by Nikki W will donate 50% of the profit from that sale to the nominated Registered Organisation.

    c) All Paws for Giving donations will be made within a reasonable timeframe following the end of a yearly quarter.

    d) In order for an organisation to participate in Paws for Giving campaigns, a representative must provide all of the information requested in the registration form. If any of this information changes following registration, it is the responsibility of the Registered Organisation to update Art by Nikki W on the new details. Updates can be made by email or phone.

    e) No personal information a Registered Organisation provides Art by Nikki W will ever be used for any purpose other than for the purpose which that information was provided for. No personal information will ever be shared with any third party that is not directly related to the purpose which the information was provided for. No personal information will ever be sold to any third party.

    f) A Registered Organisation can at any time cancel their registration with Paws for Giving and Art by Nikki W will delete all personal information relating to that organisation.

    g) Art by Nikki W currently donates 50% of the profit of all Paws for Giving sales to Australian animal rescue organisations. Art by Nikki W reserves the right to change the value of the profits that are donated whether by increasing or decreasing said value. If a change is made, Art by Nikki W will notify all registered organisations of that change prior to that change being made, so that those organisations can make informed decisions on their continued registration with Paws for Giving.

    h) If there is a grievance, Art by Nikki W asks that the Registered Organisation raises the grievance with Art by Nikki W owner Nikki W in the first instance in an attempt to find a resolution. Regardless of this request, the Registered Organisation is always entitled to cancel registration with Paws for Giving.


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