About Nikki W.

I'm Nikki Waterson.

I'm an Adelaide based visual artist. When it comes to art I have two passions - creating art that makes people feel something, and making art accessible to everyone.

Paint Sip Stream

In 2018 I created Country Paint Nights with the goal of bringing social paint and sip workshops to rural South Australia. I was living in Whyalla, and until I relocated to Adelaide in December 2019, Country Paint Nights were a local staple and a hit. One of my favourite things in the world is getting feedback on a workshop that one of my clients couldn't have ever fathomed creating the piece of art they just created.

Rural Australian towns are often overlooked by art workshop providers. a way to Rural Australia has lacked access to art workshops. I knew I wanted to somehow continue to provide social painting workshops to rural SA, but soon after relocating, the Covid-19 Pandemic started. In the end it was the pandemic that led to the idea of turning Country Paint Nights into Paint Sip Stream - taking the workshops into the virtual sphere so that not only would they be accessible to rural SA, but to anyone, anywhere, with paints and and internet connection.

Check out the FAQ for more on Paint Sip Stream. If you still can't find the answer to your question, email me at hello@artnikkiw.com.

Paws for Giving

There's a special place in my heart for the small and downtrodden. This echoes through all facets of my life, and when I look back through my art over time I can see why I gravitate towards bright colours and cute things. I like to create happiness with my art, and animals create happiness in so many lives every day.

There are people all across Australia who give up their time, money, social life, hygiene, jobs and personal space to care for abandoned, sick and injured animals of all shapes and sizes. The local rescues are the ones who are asking for donations of small amounts week by week, and are otherwise funded by the one or five individuals who run them.

They have networks of foster carers, businesses donating services like photography, shredded paper or blankets, and followers who appreciate the work they do and donate when they can. But they still regularly struggle for funds. I created Paws for Giving with this in mind.

The goal was to create a fundraising avenue for all of the local animal rescues, that was no-effort and no-cost on their part. That's how I came up with Paws for Giving.

If that doesn't convince you, who doesn't love products decorated with adorable animal illustrations?

To find out more about Paws for Giving, head over to the Frequently Asked Questions page. Again, if you still have a question, email me at hello@artnikkiw.com.